Happy Nests by Super Moms and Happy Threads Sri Lanka

  • On turning trash to treasure

Christmas is just around the corner, and while the pandemic may have put a slight damper on the holiday spirit, it hasn’t entirely deterred people from trying to have a good time.

The past year has taught us all some unforgettable lessons, especially about how we’ve been treating our planet and the atrocious levels of pollution that has plagued the earth.

Keeping these lessons in mind, the lovely ladies at Happy Nests by Super Moms and Happy Threads Sri Lanka – two community-based sister organisations – have taken on the initiative to create upcycled handmade items for day-to-day use – essentially turning trash into treasure.

Speaking to the lovely ladies at Happy Nests by Super Moms, which is the newer one of the two organisations, having started only late last year, with Happy Nests having been around for some time, they shared that their two organisations were initiated by women from the international Dawoodi Bohra community. They, of course, have a global reach, and they aim to make a positive impact on the environment while also providing a source of income to its members.

Since their launch, the talented women behind the initiative have been focused on environmental protection, upcycling plastic waste to create eye-catching and practical items such as planters, bird feeders, gift bags, and even clocks. They shared that the ultimate aim is to bring awareness to the concept of sustainable living by setting positive examples of how trash can be transformed into pieces of treasure.

They shared that Happy Threads is run by a team of artisans comprising women who make wonderful crochet pieces, with a brilliant range of creative pieces that are so very varied, and for this December, they’ve prepared some holiday-themed items ranging from Christmas baubles to notebooks, wind chimes, and much more.

As is the nature of the initiative, incredibly empowering to the wonderfully motivated and green-conscious ladies, it has also created the space for them all to explore their creativity, with these handmade items being nothing short of masterpieces that are eye-catching in their beauty and breath-taking in their intimacy.

Happy Nests by Super Moms and Happy Threads Sri Lanka will be holding a sale exhibition of their uniquely upcycled creations on 4 December from 11.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Island Market located at No. 57/03, Marine Drive, Colombo 3.

For more information, call Umaima Zohair at 077 7753797 or Batul Kaizar at 077 7146775, or visit their Instagram page.