Have a ‘curiously intimate’ wedding Mövenpick Wedding Fair

By Bernadine Rodrigo

In 2018, Mövenpick Hotel Colombo, a relatively newborn in the hotel industry of Sri Lanka, having commenced operations in 2017, welcomed a crowd of 300 people into their premises to witness their grand wedding fair “Curiously Intimate” which successfully secured the hotel a position in the market of wedding venues.

Mövenpick, despite its prime location in the classically beautiful streets of Colombo, was often seen only as a hotel of accommodation and not looked at through a romantic lens. Hence, the number of happy couples making their vows surrounded by the grace and intimacy of the hotel was nothing but mesmerising. However, following the efforts made by its management to publicise the romantic and, most importantly, intimate aspects of Mövenpick through their Curiously Intimate wedding fair, the number of couples taking interest in the concept saw an increase, which is why, inspired by the success of the first event, Mövenpick geared up to further increase the scale of the wedding fair and hold a much grander event of two days in 2019.

Mövenpick Hotel will be opening its doors to welcome people longing for inspiration on their dream wedding on 28 and 29 September. The event will be open to anyone who wishes to have a look, and seeing how this year’s scope of the event is expanded, the expected number of people to be present is an overwhelming 500 or more. While last year’s fair was confined to one floor, this year would take up the entire hotel, shining a light on every nook and cranny of the premises with all they have to offer.

While the theme of the fair is “intimacy”, meaning to say that a wedding consists of the bride’s and groom’s most intimate family and friends, Mövenpick offers opportunities for a great number of diversely themed weddings. This year’s added element is Indian themes. This vastly different cultural addition, the organisers believe, will provide new and diverse ideas in terms of decoration and fashion for couples to make their weddings unique and special.

There will also be a mehendi ceremony in order to further acquaint individuals with the theme, which is bound to thrill everyone who participates.

Mövenpick also attempts to contribute towards the revival of the tourism industry of the paradise island by bringing down five international wedding planners who will help highlight Sri Lanka as a prime location for destination weddings. They would be familiarising both themselves and hopeful couples from all over the world with the gorgeous destination venue not only to celebrate a single wedding day, but also to engage in other activities pre and post the significant occasion.

In addition, partners of the Curiously Intimate wedding fair have promised to offer attendees a bundle of various promotions and offers, each in respect to the role they play in weddings. Further, Mövenpick is also prepared to surprise couples that book their dates during the fair with special offers and deals, which will certainly pique the interest of many excited couples that are still in the process of planning their weddings for this coming wedding season.

Photos Pradeep Dambarage