Have your next adventure with Ceylon Ramblers’ Club 

Ceylon Ramblers’ Club is a travel and experience-focused organisation curating adventure travel experiences for persons looking to explore the outdoors. They offer experiences that range from camping, hiking, cycling, diving, and paragliding to even wildlife exploration. 

Founder/Director S. Sudhakaran stated that they are not limited to operating in Sri Lanka, as they’ve organised several tours to India and Nepal, where they have base-camped at Annapurna and Everest, and explored the Spiti Valley and Himachal Pradesh.  

Sudhakaran shared that Ceylon Ramblers’ Club’s official start was back in 2017, stating: “Exploring and sharing new experiences has always been something we’ve enjoyed.” He said: “As the business grew, we’ve been able keep true to our foundation.

Our attention to quality has always been a key driver. Whether it’s picking the location, transportation, the equipment we use, or even the meal plans for trips. The initial goal was to make sure that everyone who travelled with us shared the same experience as we did. Even today, before we lay down a plan, we often ask ourselves how we would enjoy this experience.”

He said that the instigation of Ceylon Ramblers’ Club has a really interesting story: “We set out on an adventure to Meemure, and it by far has been one of the most challenging experiences, due to the tough terrain, bad weather, and absolute exhaustion of cycling 70-plus km uphill. It felt like an achievement, and the experience was worthwhile and appreciated more, knowing that we pushed all limits to get to our destination. The next morning, we were down by the stream submerged in ice cold water, but we knew that was it! The next day, we were back in Colombo, and wasted no time in starting the Ceylon Ramblers’ Club page on Facebook.”

Sharing they base their operations on a tried and tested value system, Sudhakaran said that quality and community have been the two main reasons for their success. Even through the lockdown, he said that their community has remained strong, wanting to come back as soon as the travel restrictions were lifted. What started off as a group of friends has now turned into a community that shares the same passion for collecting new experiences. “Treating customers as you’d like to be treated has built long lasting friendships within our growing community,” he said.

He also shared that considering the nature of their venture, the times during the height of the pandemic has certainly not been easy. However, they have been able to sustain the business as a part of it is well established in the local market. Nevertheless, he said that they hope to start their international tours again, opening up more adventure experiences to their growing community.

We asked Sudhakaran, in his time travelling and doing the amazing things that he has done with Ceylon Ramblers’ Club, if there was one key highlight he could share, to which he responded: “We’ve chased sunrises, witnessed amazing sunsets, dived to see a different world underwater, raced down winding roads through acres of tea fields, wandered through rainforests, experienced new cultures in Nepal and North India, paraglided from a snow-capped mountain top, and base-camped at the Everest and Annapurna mountain ranges. The journey so far has been amazing, and it’s difficult to pin down one highlight.”

However, he did say that the best reward for them is knowing that their travels have brought happiness, excitement, and fulfilment to everyone who has shared these experiences with them. 

Upcoming projects
Sudhakaran said that Ceylon Ramblers’ Club is always on the lookout for the next best experience, stating that the pandemic has shed new light to how travel businesses should operate. He said that they have started to accommodate smaller groups and consult on the best locations and experiences, to ensure safety from Covid-19. 


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