Health guidelines: Schools urged to adopt fitting guidelines

By Sarah Hannan

Teachers’ trade unions are still dissatisfied with the guidelines that were issued prior to commencing school last Monday (6).

Ceylon Teachers’ Union General Secretary Joseph Stalin last week raised concerns over the directives that have been issued by the Ministry of Education on work hours for teachers and the extended hours of education for students in Grades 11 and 13.

In response to Stalin’s concerns, Secretary to the Ministry of Education N.H.M. Chithrananda said:

“Schools should adopt a guideline and timetable to fit their curriculum requirements by taking the health guidelines and school timings that have been communicated as a base. We cannot tailor-make guidelines for schools individually and it is best that the teachers and the principals take a call on how they should conduct classes and what regulations the children and staff should follow with schools reopening.”

It is not only the teachers but also the parents as well as school transport service providers who are raising concerns over the health guidelines and timing of schools ending for different grades.

They are of the view that this is unnecessarily imposing a burden on the child as well as the adults who have to ensure they follow the required guidelines when attending school in a pandemic-looming environment.