Health Ministry strengthens Covid regulations, special quarantine laws implemented for foreigners

The Ministry of Health yesterday (21) stated that Covid regulations would be strengthened to avoid a third wave as there is a rising number of patients. Among these regulations, foreigners who have arrived in Sri Lanka would be required to follow special quarantine laws.

Further, the Ministry has instructed to increase bed capacity in intensive care units and provide high flow oxygen to Covid patients. In addition, the data collection system is to be strengthened and more Personal Protective Equipment is to be provided for medical staff, including nurses.

The Ministry instructed to make plans to refer patients who have been diagnosed with Covid infection to the appropriate hospitals separately according to their medical conditions.

It was also decided to Identify more hospitals at the local and district levels to treat Covid patients in the future and provide them with the necessary medical facilities.

The Ministry also instructed authorities to strengthen the outpatient and inpatient care and surgery services provided to patients who are hospitalized for other ailments on a daily basis while maintaining treatment services for Covid patients.

They also revealed that the strict enforcement of quarantine laws for all will be monitored and action will be taken against all violators of quarantine laws.