Health union strikes due to Ministry’s inability to resolve issues: Ravi Kumudesh

By Mihi Perera

“There have been a number of strikes due to the inability of health officials to make decisions and the failure to resolve issues,” stated the President of the Medical Laboratory Technologists Association Ravi Kumudesh today (30).

He said that health staff are deeply dissatisfied, especially as the Ministry of Health has been manipulating their decisions and had interfered in their efforts.

Kumudesh said during a media briefing held today that the Ministry of Health, including the Secretary of Health, should speak directly to these trade unions to resolve these issues.

“Today the nursing service has gone on strike, and while the same unsatisfactory nature has persisted, due to this the Complementary Medical Services Board has unanimously decided to embark on a continuous strike action from the 6th,” he said.

Speaking further, he said, “In connection with this, we regret to inform you that all the therapists treating the relevant medical laboratories, including pharmacists, radiologists, and occupational therapists, will go on strike.”

He said that it appears that the Ministry of Health has no interest in preventing this strike, which is being led by thirteen demands, in the face of a situation where staff are provoked to strike, requiring the direct intervention of the President or the Prime Minister.