Himashu with Emma and Milly

By Olu Anthony 

Growing up with a pet can be hugely beneficial for kids, and when they get along, it’s a lovely thing to watch. That’s why pawfriend loves to share stories about kids and their friends and to talk about how they bond, how pets are cared for and what we can learn from our pets. The story of Himashu with Emma and Milly tells us a beautiful story about friendship and love and how dogs show us unconditional love regardless of their breed and whether they were rescued or bought. 

Today let’s get to know about the amazing bond between Himashu, Emma and Milly. 

Tell us about you and your pawfriends. 

Hi, I’m Himashu and with me are Emma and Milly. Emma is a Beagle who’s five years old, and Milly is a rescue who is eight months old. 

Why did you think of bringing Milly when you already had Emma? 

Emma has always been an active dog. So, when we are busy and do not have enough time to spend with her, she tends to become lonely, depressed, and unwilling to leave her cage. We were worried about that behaviour and felt bad for her. That is the reason we thought of bringing her a companion. It turned out great for all of us. 

We were told that it was you who chose Emma. Tell us why and how that happened. 

I have always wanted a dog. Specifically, a Beagle. I asked for her on my birthday. My father did not agree at first. I nagged my parents for two months about it and finally got them to agree. That is how we got Emma. 

Have your experiences with dogs always been good? 

No. When I was very small, we had our first dog, Tobby, who was a German Shepherd. For some reason, he never liked me. He was always angry or annoyed at the sight of me. One day, I went to the garden, not knowing he was let out of his cage. He charged at me barking and I did what nobody should do in the face of an angry dog. I ran as fast as I could. But he followed me and bit me pretty hard. That is by far the worst experience I’ve had with dogs. After that I was terrified of dogs. 

What made you feel like trying your luck with dogs after that incident? 

It’s been a while since that incident, and Emma is relatively a very different dog than Tobby. Beagles and German Shepherds have very different temperaments. 

Who do you think is the least chaotic out of Emma and Milly? 

Both are quite chaotic. They have their moments. Since Emma is much older, she tends to mess around less than Milly. Until Emma was about a year old, she was extremely chaotic too. She ate all the slippers at home, making my mother very angry. But she calmed down after that. 

How do you discipline them if you must? 

We do not use strict methods to discipline them. There are times when they do things such as destroy all the plants and pots in the garden. At those times, we need to give them the message. We would scold them a bit and not pet them for a while. Nothing more. 

How do you find time for them while you engage in other activities? 

I play cricket. My practice schedule varies. But whenever I am at home, I try to spend time with them. I try to take them on walks, and shower them if necessary. Our vet once informed us that Emma was overweight. Those days I tried to take her out more frequently. 

How did Emma first react to Milly? 

Emma has always been a friendly dog. Even if she meets a dog on the street, she will be very excited, wagging her tail and trying to become friends. So, when we brought her a companion that she could spend everyday with, she was very excited and happy. Milly sometimes gets on Emma’s nerves by doing silly things such as biting her ears. 

Do you allow them inside on the furniture? 

Even if we wanted to, our mother does not like the idea very much. They can be messy, and they sometimes pee on the sofas when they are too excited. It is a risk we hardly take. But when our mother is not home, we allow them. We just must be on alert. 

If you had to leave them alone at home for a few days, what are the steps you would take for them? 

We have staff that help us at home. When we give them instructions on how, when and what to feed them and of any other specific things, they take care of the girls until we get back home. 

What is their behaviour like in case their meals get delayed or forgotten? 

We have never forgotten to feed them, but there have been times that we got a bit late to do so. On those occasions they would be grumpy and upset. Specially Emma. She sometimes refuses to come out of the cage. 

How has having them affected your life? 

They have become a part of the family now. It is never boring with them around.