Horana Prison Complex: Project announcement on Wednesday  

  • No Chinese funding, only technical expertise 

The Government is to seek technical expertise from China on obtaining pre-fabricated structure material in constructing the Horana Prison Complex, The Sunday Morning learnt.

Dispelling speculations that China was to fund the prison complex construction project, Minister of Justice Ali Sabry stated: “China will not fund this project. However, since we need to expedite the process of constructing this complex, we were looking at consulting China’s expertise on obtaining pre-fabricated structure materials.”

Sabry further reiterated that the Government would be funding the project.

When the State Ministry for Prison Management and Prisoners’ Rehabilitation was contacted for comment, State Ministry Media Secretary Madhawa Weerasinghe said that the pre-planning work is being finalised and an official announcement would be made on Wednesday (23) at a press briefing.

Last week, during an interview with The Sunday Morning, State Minister of Prison Management and Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Lohan Ratwatte revealed that a 250-acre land has been earmarked in Horana to construct the new prison complex on.

The complex would include facilities such as a maximum security prison, remand prison, a rehabilitation centre, and vocational training centre, which will integrate a more up-to-date prisoner management and rehabilitation system.

Last week, Urban Development Authority (UDA) Director General Prasad Ranaweera said that the 44-acre land, on which the Welikada Prison Complex is currently situated, will be converted into a suitable mixed-development project.