How can the public be prevented from using vehicles when gathering essentials? : UNP

In a statement issued by the Central Media Unit of the United National Party (UNP) today (24), the Party questioned the government’s decision to prohibit the public from using vehicles when engaging in essential activities on days when travel restrictions are relaxed.

“If the public is permitted to purchase essential items, visit hospitals or visit banks then they must be allowed to travel to these locations via vehicles. The recent few days have seen an increase in rainfall, with more predicted for the coming days. It is not possible to expect the public to walk on the road in such conditions,” UNP Working Committee member, Dinouk Colombage said.

He further added that businesses are planning to visit banks to withdraw cash to pay their staff salaries, and questioned if it is reasonable to expect them to walk on the road carrying large sums of money.

While the Party expressed that it welcomes the decision by the government to extend the travel restrictions, the UNP has questioned the government as to what law they are following by prohibiting vehicular movement during the relaxation of travel restrictions.

“We urge the Government to adhere to the advice of the medical community. However, in doing so they must ensure that the laws of the country are adhered to as well.” Colombage said.