How to prioritise work and meet deadlines 

By Shakira Shareef

The moment you lose a massive project is when you realise that you’ve taken deadlines too lightly. While sometimes you can talk to clients and get the projects back, time will not always be in your favour. So when you realise the consequences, it’ll be too late to rectify the mistake. Things will be even more difficult if you’re making ends meet with the job, not to mention the stress you will experience.


Being busy is different from being productive 


The modern world wants us to be busy or look busy and get things done quickly, creating more negative than positive outcomes. You should understand that being busy doesn’t mean you’re being productive. If you want work efficiency, then you’ve got less time in which to complete the task. Understanding this will help you do the work sooner than you expect. 

If you’re busy, you’ll be frantic, but if you’re productive, you’ll be focused. This mindset will help you get the work done quickly. You must understand the difference between purpose and perfection. The more you think about perfection, the more time it’ll cost you, so you should think about being productive instead of being busy. 


Tips to get work done on time 


I’ve missed deadlines and faced significant consequences, and that’s when I realised if I don’t set my priorities straight, I would not get anywhere near my goals. This thought made it possible for me to take a step back and fix my schedule. 

Missing deadlines and losing projects also took a toll on my mental health. Nothing is worth sacrificing your mental health for, especially short-term entertainment like movies and books we sometimes prioritise over work. 



  • Think about the ‘what ifs’



This is the most realistic tip you need to know. If you keep reminding yourself about what will happen if you lose a specific project, you won’t put it off for later. Think about the stress it will cause you, and that thought alone will keep you on track. It works like magic. 



  • Stay seated 



Yes, this sounds like a not-so-good tip to get the work done, but it works. If you find it hard to focus on a project, stay seated. Even if it takes 15 minutes and you have done nothing, it’s okay; stay seated and keep staring at the screen. Even before you know it, you’ll be halfway through it. 



  • Complete work before the deadline  



If you do this once you’re going to get addicted to completing work sooner than the actual deadline because it gives you peace of mind. It makes you feel relaxed, and you can actually read a book or watch a movie guilt-free! 

As someone who’s read many books and blogs on productivity and time management, I know you will not believe that these tips will help, but give them a try. While you’re at it, I highly recommend reading ‘Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones’ by James Clear. It gives you clarity and will actually help you.