I am committed to achieve people-centric economic goals, Prez says in Poson message

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his Poson message said that he strongly believes that the people of the country should achieve people-centric economic goals as well as build a prosperous nation as compassionate citizens who love the earth and its flora, and fauna.

He said that he is abundantly committed to achieving this goal.

“Since ancient times, we have been engaging in Amisa Pooja (ritualistic offerings) and Prathipaththi Pooja (practice offerings) to mark the Poson Poya recalling the noble qualities of the Buddha and to express our gratitude to Arahant Mahinda Thero. Showcasing his wisdom on delving into Sambuddha Dhamma before King Devanampiyatissa, Arahant Mahinda Thero preached the Chulla Hatti Padopama Sutta. The Sadaham message that flourished with the King’s endorsement of Dhamma rooted in Sri Lankadeepa,” the President said in a statement.

The President said that the Mahindagamanaya is the most religiously significant milestone in the history of Sri Lanka.

“Moreover, the values we have acquired socially, culturally and politically from it are immense. The many preaching of Ven. Anubhudu Mihindu Thero were instrumental when approaching the entire environment with loving kindness. The eight Worldly Conditions (Atalo Dhamma) shaped us in looking at loss, fame, obscurity, blame, praise, happiness and pain in life with indifference and we know that they became the basis of honest living experiences,” he said.

“At present we are unable to celebrate the ‘Mahindagamanaya’, (the arrival of Arahat Mahinda in Sri Lanka) following our ancient traditions such as Poson Maha Perahera,  Pandol and Dansal.  Nevertheless, the Maha Sangha has given guidance on how we should venerate Anubudhu Mihindu Maha Rahathan Wahanse following the teachings of the religion while protecting ourselves from COVID-19 pandemic,” the presiednt stated.

The President stated that the citizens of Sri Lanka should commit themselves to make their lives meaningful according to the teachings of Buddha while paying attention to those guidelines.