Identifying the ideal podcast for you to listen to

By Patrick de Kretser

Podcasts have been a consistent trend for quite a while, and for good reason. But back up a second. What are podcasts, you may wonder. Well for those of you living under a rock (a social media rock that is) podcasts are a series of audio recordings that are made by content creators to delve into depth on a topic of their choice. Typically most podcasts tend to revolve around social issues and gossip trends, although there are podcasts that delve into other areas of interest as well.

But why should you listen to it? After all, you might not see the appeal of listening to a few individuals blab on for an hour or two when you could just as easily carry on watching your favourite show or delve back into listening to that playlist of yours. But you would be missing out on a lot if you did that. Podcasts are quite informative and enthralling, especially for adolescents and young adults these days. Given the predicament most of us find ourselves in, since we have more free time on our hands at home, it presents an opportunity to discover new interests. And looking into podcasts could be your ticket to unlimited educational entertainment.

I have enclosed a list of interesting podcasts that you can check out, so that you do not waste too much time looking for a good one like a headless chicken. This list of podcasts has podcasts ranging from the mainstream to the relatively unknown; the comical to the downright serious. Make a note of these podcasts and see whether any of them catch your fancy sometime in the near future. And just a quick note: All the listed podcasts can be easily found on YouTube by simply typing the relevant name in the search bar.

The Happy Hour Podcast 

A UK-based podcast service, this one is run by YouTube duo Jaack and Stevie who report mainly on European sports and competitions. They also quite occasionally touch on internet gossip (much like any other podcast channel) and have featured a range of interesting internet icons including KSI and True Geordie. If you are someone keen on keeping up to speed with the latest goings on down in the UK, this is definitely the ideal podcast for you.

The Impaulsive Podcast

Famous for being co-run by Logan Paul, this podcast covers a great range of topics that mainly revolve around social media news and celebrity lifestyles. While Logan Paul may not be the most popular social media influencer out there, he has attracted quite a lot of guest stars to his podcast, which makes Impaulsive an interesting place to start for those who have just gotten into the podcast lifestyle.

The Joe Rogan Podcast

Ranking as quite possibly the most famous podcast channel on YouTube run by a single person, Joe Rogan has overseen the growth of a massive community that frequently tunes in to listen to Joe Rogan’s exclusive interviews with a variety of guest stars that you often cannot find on any other podcast. While Rogan’s podcast does cover quite a lot of general stuff that many other podcasts cover, it also features quite a lot of political discussion thanks to the appearance of politicians and various other political spokespeople as guest stars for the show.

The TED Talk Podcast

This is quite possibly something everyone has heard about. The TED YouTube channel is famous for sharing many iconic stories from various individuals from across the world. These stories usually revolve around how individuals overcame adversity, accomplished great feats, and also have important life-changing advice for those that want to hear it. It certainly ranks as one of the most inspirational podcast channels out there.

The Rich Roll Podcast

YouTuber Rich Roll is a qualified lawyer who chose to switch his life around and go on YouTube rather than into a courtroom. The podcast offers a wide range of educational material, such as inspirational content from Rick Roll himself, along with insightful advice from notable academics on a range of scientific and philosophical topics. For those of you looking to deepen your understanding on psychology, you might find this podcast to be quite a useful go-to when you have free time.

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