If govt. arrests people for fake news, first arrest the govt. MPs: UNP

Responding to the decision taken by the government to take legal action against those who publish fake news on social media, General Secretary of the United National Party Palitha Range Bandara today (09) stated that the government MPs should be arrested first.

He stated that this was because the government MPs had reported news that were fake during their tenure.

“Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that cow slaughter will be banned in a month, but that did not happen. The President said that fertilizer will be provided free of charge, but there is no fertilizer to even purchase for money. Minister Johnston Fernando said that no resources in our country will be given to other countries, but a part of Port City has been given to China. These are the fake news that are circulating in the country,” he said.

Range Bandara stated that the people of the country were expecting justice for crimes done to them, not legal action for posts on social media, which is a trivial thing compared to the other crimes in the country.

“People were expecting the government to arrest those who increased taxes for sugar. They were expecting them to arrest those who were responsible for the Easter Attacks and the import of carcinogenic oil. But they are just arresting people for trivial things,” he said.