Importing turmeric: Customs return 1,000 MT to India

By Sarah Hannan

Sri Lanka Customs is taking measures to repatriate 62 containers of turmeric which were imported from India, it is learnt.

Speaking to the media, Customs Media Spokesperson Sunil Jayaratne said: “The consignments weighing 1,000 metric tonnes (MT) of turmeric had been imported to Sri Lanka after the Government imposed the ban on turmeric imports. The traders had ordered the consignment on credit from their Indian supplier, and since we refused to clear the consignment, the Indian supplier has requested that the stocks be returned to them.”

Jayarathne also noted that an additional consignment of 30 MT of turmeric had been concealed among other commodities and had been shipped to Sri Lanka, adding that Customs officials managed to detect the stocks.

“Out of the confiscated 30 MT, we have released 10 MT of turmeric to the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation on a special request that was made through the Ministry of Finance. Moreover, we arrested the suspects that placed the order to import these turmeric stocks from India and charged them a fine and have released them,” Jayarathne explained.

Customs is to charge the importers the shipping costs for the repatriation of the consignments to India.