Inconsitency of education and employment opportunities a major shortcoming: Minister

Education Minister Prof. G L Peiris pointed out that one of the major shortcomings of our country’s education system is the inconsistency of the education received by the students with the employment opportunities.

“Although there are plenty of job opportunities in many businesses, the failure to achieve the qualifications and capabilities required has created a gap between education and employment opportunities. The government hopes to change this through future education reforms,” he explained.

The Minister further stated that special attention should be given to specialized areas such as information technology, computer technology, languages and communication skills in the education system.

The Minister pointed out that a number of initiatives have been taken in the education system in recent times, including the provision of school-friendly classrooms, the modernization of university courses and the increase in access opportunities.

Minister Peiris said that teaching children a wealth of subject matter to learn by heart is a major weakness in our education today and that the education should enhance the personality of children to face life’s challenges and work independently.

The Minister expressed these views while participating in a ceremony held at Aloysius College, Galle yesterday (16).

“Religious leaders, scholars, leaders in various fields, principals, parents, alumni, business people and all stakeholders are involved in matters such as how our education should be structured, what changes need to take place, and how education can support the integration of our children into the world of future work. Steps will be taken to set up a digital platform in March to receive ideas, suggestions and advice,” he concluded.