Increasing life force with chi energy

By Sarah Hannan

Theta healing is the practice of quantum mechanics and a meditation training technique utilising a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body, and spirit. The technique is always used in conjunction with conventional medicine. It puts to use one’s own natural intuition, to create instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing.

Energy healing claims to eliminate blockages and adjusts the energy flow in the aura and the chakra of the body. While there are several disciplines that are in practice, today, we spoke to Dr. François Tessier, an energy healing consultant who uses the disciplines of pranic healing, quantum-touch, theta healing, and reiki.

“Energy healing is part of natural and holistic medicine. It uses universal energy to heal the patients living with all sorts of health conditions, physical or non-physical. Treatments increase the sense of physical wellbeing and the emotional stability of the people receiving a session. It decreases acute and chronic pains and speeds up the recovery from many physical and mental illnesses,” Dr. Tessier clarified.

While many have the misconception that once you consult an energy healer, you would have to do away with your medical treatment and consultations, Dr. Tessier confirmed that energy healing does not replace any classical medical treatment.

“This is not a medical practice and energy healing is conducted for a person’s general wellbeing. It was in 2015 that I conducted a free health camp for the fishing families who lived in Mount Lavinia. I was joined by my friend Gerard Fernando, who is an auriculotherapist, and the health camp was conducted for 10 days.”

The health camp was conducted with the assistance of a team of ayurvedic doctors who practice body acupuncture and offered over 600 treatments that assisted with chronic ailments. When inquired about the four healing methods that were applied, Dr. Tessier explained it involves the use of chi energy.

Pranic healing is based on the fundamental principle stipulating that the human has their own ability to harmonise themselves by increasing the life force called chi or prana. Pranic healing is a “hands-off” approach practiced without physical contact or touching the subject.

Quantum-touch is a method of natural harmonisation that uses energy – chi – to promote optimal balance. Quantum-touch is a “hands-off” and “hands-on” approach practiced sometimes without physical contact or touching the subject and sometimes, using the hands on the subject.

Reiki is holistic harmonisation that is done by laying hands on the subject in order to transfer universal energy called chi. Reiki helps to free the subject from energy blockages and thus, improves the wellbeing of the person.

“Following the success of that, I later returned for a period of six months and now, I have my own consultation service established in Sri Lanka. I thought of training Sri Lankans to use these methods of healing so others could benefit from energy healing too. Therefore, each year, I conduct a workshop that covers six levels and it’s conducted over six weekends.”

While this year’s workshop is already underway, Dr. Tessier informed that anyone interested in wellbeing could participate. However, it’s most suited for acupuncturists, ayurvedic doctors, classic medical doctors, specialist doctors, ayurvedic or classical western pharmacists, naturotherapists, homeopaths, nurses, paramedics, counsellors, social workers, educators, hypnotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, kinesiologists, and beneficiary attendants. It is conducted in a shelter for persons with disabilities and for the elderly.

“If you want to complete the certificate level, you will have to follow all six levels, and each level that you complete qualifies you to follow the next level.”

Going beyond the individual healing processes, Dr. Tessier also conducts pranic healing for businesses. “A workplace often has a clash of multiple energies and the collective energy of the team has an impact on one’s business atmosphere. I use pranic healing to reconfigure energies in businesses, which removes negative thought forms and negative emotions and restores harmony and balance in the business.”