Indian Air Force contingent in Sri Lanka for Air Force’s anniversary celebrations

The Indian Air Force (IAF) aerobatic display teams, the fixed wing “Suryakirans” and rotary wing “Sarang”, along with Light Combat Aircraft Tejas, arrived at Colombo on Saturday to participate in an Air Show, NDTA said.

The three-day Air Show is scheduled to commence on March 3 as part of the 70th-anniversary celebrations of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF).

Commander of the SLAF Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana had sent the invitation to India for participation.

“IAF and SLAF have seen active exchanges and interactions for a number of years in diverse fields like training, operational exchanges, and through professional military education courses,” said an official statement by IAF.

IAF”s participation in the 70th-anniversary celebration of SLAF is a further manifestation of the strong professional bonds that the two Air Forces share. The IAF Suryakiran Aerobatic Team (SKAT) had earlier toured Sri Lanka in 2001 for the 50th-anniversary celebrations of SLAF, “