‘Institute of Chartered Journalists of Sri Lanka’ to be set up soon

The Institute of Chartered Journalists of Sri Lanka, an Institute of Media Higher Education, Research and Training which can provide undergraduate and postgraduate level study opportunities in the subject of Mass Media is to be established soon.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by the Minister of Mass Media to set up the same.

This comes after the need for the establishment of a state-sponsored institution to identify the problems in the field of journalism and to promote and maintain high standards in the field of media education in accordance with local and international academic standards was identified. 

Although there are a significant number of students studying journalism, especially in schools, high quality educational institutions have not yet been established to meet the requirement. 

There are several degree programs in mass communication in the university system, but it has been observed that these courses do not provide sufficient practical knowledge for creating a professional journalist. 

The purpose of the institute is to provide practical training to journalists, media managers who are already working in the field of journalism as well as school children who aspire to enter the field of journalism and to develop their capabilities, enhance their professionalism and create a media culture with ethical autonomy.