Iranativu unsuitable for burial of COVID victims’ bodies: Douglas

Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda has today stated that the Iranativu Island is unsuitable for the burial of bodies of COVID-19 victims.

He stated that the residents of the island as well as officials of the Catholic Church situated in the island were in protest against the movement.

Minister’s Media Secretary Nelson Edirisinghe said most of the residents in the island are fishermen that have been resettled.

“Others are those who fled the island during the civil war and now have returned to their homes. The Catholic Church in the island is also against the burial of COVID victims,” he said.

Speaking further, he said, “There has been an ongoing cultivation of sea leeches in the island for a while now. We have recruited fishermen and other people from around the island for this project. The government’s earlier plan was to bring an investment of $25,000 million to the country through this cultivation and the Ministry took relevant steps to implement the project.”

He also revealed that Iranativu was not an isolated island anymore and that fishermen and other residents were settling in it, and therefore it isn’t a suitable place to bury bodies of COVID victims.