Is Bandula or Mahindananda the mastermind behind the liquid nitrogen scam? Hector Appuhamy questions

While alleging that the latest scam to take place in the country is the liquid nitrogen fertiliser scam, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Hector Appuhamy stated that the people seek answers on who committed this “daylight robbery” and questioned whether the mastermind behind it is the Minister of Trade or the Minister of Agriculture.

He made this statement during a protest with farmers held yesterday (24).

“The latest scam is the liquid nitrogen fertiliser scam. How was the fertiliser imported? Someone opened an account and the funds were transferred from the Central Bank on the same day, and the funds were converted from dollars to rupees. Was it the Minister of Agriculture or the Minister of Trade that was involved?” questioned Appuhamy.

Additionally, Appuhamy questioned whether the Rajapaksa family has the strength to be in power, and charged that the Rajapaksa family has neither the strength nor the power to hold on anymore.