Ishini voices disappointment over release of elephants

Sharing her disappointment on the release of 14 elephants from the Pinnawala Orphanage and other transit homes to their original owners, Ishini Wickremesinghe, former Director General of the Dehiwala Zoo vented on social media that the elephant named ‘Sri Devi’ was her ‘favorite’ amongst all the elephants.

Ishini Wickremesinghe had tendered her resignation from her post on Thursday (09) citing personal reasons as her reason for resignation. This happened soon after a court order was given for the release of 14 elephants back to the original owners who had pending court cases filed against them.

“I was helpless in protecting her (Sri Devi) and the other elephants from being forcibly taken from Pinnawala. What cruelty it is to take away their freedom for personal interest,” she said.

The Morning exclusively reported that several Zoo employees had staged a protest against her resignation.