Island quarantine for Indian fishermen?

The Sri Lanka Navy is contemplating quarantining Indian fishermen who stray into Sri Lankan waters on a remote island, The Sunday Morning learnt.

This is part of an enhanced naval security programme devised by the SL Navy to prevent the arrival of Indians in Sri Lanka following the rise in the number of Covid-19 patients in India.

“If any Indian national comes to Sri Lanka under such circumstances, there is a suggestion to send them back to their country or to take them to another island for the safety of Sri Lankans,” Navy Spokesman Lieutenant Commander Isuru Suriyabandara told The Sunday Morning yesterday (11).

The special security programme particularly covers the northern, north western, and southern seas which are the most popular routes for Indian fishermen to enter Sri Lankan waters.

He also requested the residents of these areas to inform the responsible authorities if any such person is found arriving in Sri Lanka.

The naval operation is being operated 24 hours a day. The Navy Intelligence as well as the Air Force Intelligence have been deployed for this operation.