It wasn’t me, vows Pushpika 

  • Mrs. Sri Lanka denies being part of Lohan’s prison tour

BY Dinitha Rathnayake

Mrs. Sri Lanka 2021, Pushpika De Silva has denied media reports suggesting she had accompanied Prison Management and Prisoners’ Rehabilitation State Minister Lohan Ratwatte during the latter’s forced entry to the Welikada Prison premises, where reports state that Ratwatte and a group of his friends had engaged in various antics within the Prison while under the influence of liquor.

Speaking to The Morning, she claimed: “I was at a photo shoot on the said date in Matara and I have evidence to prove that. Some media have connected my name to this incident even though I don’t have any connection to it.”

According to De Silva, while she does not have any special contacts with Ratwatte, both politicians and the majority of those in high ranking positions are known to her since she was campaigning for the current Government.

“I have no private connection with Ratwatte to attend such a place. If anyone has evidence to prove that I was there during that incident, why don’t they come forward and show it?”

De Silva also claimed that the media which was very supportive of her during times of trouble had not had the sense to call and ask her regarding this incident.

“I will be taking legal action against the media outlets that mentioned my name in relation to this incident if they don’t clarify this to the public,” she further warned.

It is learnt that Ratwatte, who had entered the Welikada Prison premises by force last week, had allowed a group of his friends to visit and view the Prison’s gallows, and that among this group was a beauty pageant winner.

According to sources, the said beauty pageant winner had driven the vehicle in which the group, including Ratwatte, had arrived in. When the group attempted to visit the gallows, Prison officials had, according to the sources, requested that she not go past the cells where male prisoners are housed owing to her being a female. However, the only route to the gallows is past the cells where male prisoners are housed, as per the sources. At this juncture, Ratwatte and his inebriated friends had verbally abused the Prison officers, stating that they should not stop her entry and subsequent passage.