J’pura University tyre incident: Student paralysed

By Agra Ranasinghe

The student who was injured in the tractor tyre incident at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Pasindu Hirushan, is yet to recover while the right side of his body has been left paralysed, The Sunday Morning learnt.

His brother Lakshan Silva told The Sunday Morning yesterday (28) that he is still receiving treatment at the ICU of the Colombo General Hospital and that no decision has been taken yet to send him abroad for further treatment.

“When doctors examined his limbs, he tried to lift his left leg and hand slightly, but he could not even lift his right leg. He is suffering from a head injury that caused a blood clot to move to the brain and severely affect his nerves. This has caused the right leg and limbs to be dysfunctional. For this reason, he cannot turn left or right,” he said.

However, Silva added that his condition was slightly better than when he was first admitted to the ICU on 6 March following the incident.

“He is now a little mindful and occasionally opens his eyes, but as soon as the left eye opens, he becomes drowsy. He is too weak to have food and therefore the doctors have inserted a thin tube from his neck to give him small amount of fluids,” Silva explained.

He added that nurses inspect him throughout the day to prevent back injuries. It is uncertain how much time Hirushan would need before it will be possible for him to rise.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Police Media Spokesman Jaliya Senaratne said that one of the students arrested in connection with the accident had admitted that he sent the tractor wheel with the help of the others. The suspects were remanded by the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court till 30 March.

The incident had reportedly occurred at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura on 6 March at a party held following the conclusion of a rally. A tyre had been thrown in the direction of Hirushan from the top of a staircase.