Juice and Joy

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While the pandemic has surely affected numerous businesses adversely, we sometimes tend to forget that many businesses had to face the pandemic amidst the consequences of the Easter Sunday bombings of 2019.

Juice and Joy is one such business, which was born out of necessity. Speaking to Founder Muttiah Vasudevan, he shared the story of Juice and Joy and how it was a silver lining on an otherwise looming dark cloud that had befallen him and his family.

He shared that the venue where the Juice and Joy restaurant is situated once ran a sewing business. When the Easter bombings occurred, all of the workers insisted on leaving immediately for fear of their safety, after which there was no choice but to halt all operations. However, there were six months of rent remaining for the building space and so his wife suggested that they utilise it.

Avocado with milk

“There is a gym nearby, so my wife suggested that we start a juice bar,” he shared, and thankfully, having been a cook prior to his management position, Vasudevan was deemed ideal for the job. He shared that he had previously worked in the Maldives as an Assistant Cook to a kitchen and so he has years of culinary experience.

The juice bar was a hit, and having tried some of what they have to offer, we can confirm that the fresh juices are delicious and refreshing. Not believing in unnecessary bells and whistles, the products are straight to the point simple and get the job done. The prices reflect that Juice and Joy is simply here to provide you with something that is straightforward – if you want to drink something tasty and healthy, then there you go.

Today, Juice and Joy has developed into a thriving family business. Vasudevan also shared that he hopes to expand in the future and open up another branch.

Chicken pasta

Pineapple juice

He added that because their business slowed down during the rainy season, they decided to expand their range and include some savoury treats as well. We gave some of these eats a try and they all conveyed Juice and Joy’s no-nonsense attitude. The food is filling and packed with flavour. We tried out a chicken masala chapathi wrap out of a range of items including chicken soup, pasta, hot dogs, and vegetarian options as well. They also offer fruit salads and milkshakes for those with a sweet tooth.

Juice and Joy is available on both PickMe Food and Uber Eats, and you can also place direct orders via Instagram. If you are looking for a no-nonsense meal that is quick, healthy, and with no added flavours, then this just might be your place to go.

Vasudevan also added that when it comes to their fruit juices, they try to have fresh fruit on hand and therefore, when it comes to seasonal fruits, they may increase the charges ever so slightly if it is difficult to source. However, for the most part, the prices are incredibly affordable and are pretty ideal if you are to eat takeout regularly.


Address: No. 231, Polhengoda Road, Colombo 6