JVP calls for postponement of A/L examination

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today called for the postponement of the GCE A/L examination.

Former JVP parliamentarian Bimal Rathnayake issuing a statement today claimed the government was trying to cover the A/L syllabus through online education.

He said online education was not a substitute for class room lessons and that A/L students needed more time to prepare for the examination.

“A/L examinations determine the future of the children and it would be unfair for the government to hold the A/L examinations in August.”

He further noted that many children across the country lacked the technical facilities to engage in online education.

“Some household have limited access to internet, some don’t have smart phones while some don’t have computers.”

“Students find it hard to study for an examination at home. Some may want to use school library facilities.”

Rathnayake said A/L students have not been able to attend tuition classes due to curfew restrictions over the pass two months.

“We all know that tuition classes help students successfully face the examination.”

He said the current Covid-19 situation has similarly affected students who will be facing the O/L and Scholarship examinations this year.

“We urge the government to form a committee consisting of teachers, principals and education experts to find solutions to issues faced by students,” Rathnayake added.