JVP voices concerns on quality of life

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) voiced their concerns on the quality of life Sri Lankans are presented with during a media brief held yesterday (27).

“This government promised prosperity to the people, yet they are unable to provide three meals a day. The Government is all theatrics. The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) took such stringent measures in the beginning, and now there’s not a hum. The Government said that they have appointed a Commissioner General for Essential goods, whereas the people of this country doesn’t have food,” stated the JVP Chief Secretary Tilvin Silva.

Silva went on to say that the Government has proved to be a failure in all promises made, and they (Government) would have to revoke the gazettes issued initially as a food shortage is inevitable.

Additionally, Silva stated that the price of rice will keep increasing in the future and despite claims by some Ministers that the import of rice will be pipelined, the Government does not have adequate funds to do so, further stating the lack of dollars in the country.

“The Prime Minister said that he would intervene and solve this matter, whereas it is obvious that these are mere words coming out of their mouths,” remarked Silva in conclusion.