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Kandy awarded League Rugby Championship

  • Decision final, confirms SLR President

By Marlon Dale Ferreira

Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) President Rizly Illyas confirmed this week that, at the recently concluded SLR Emergency Council Meeting (EGM), a decision was taken to award the Nippon Paints-sponsored Rugby League Tournament for 2022 to Kandy Sports Club.

The decision to award Kandy Sports Club the title was by virtue of them being the table leaders when the ongoing tournament came to an abrupt halt due to the current socio-political issues the country is facing.

SLR President Illyas told The Morning Sports: “This decision was recommended by the SLR Executive Committee (Ex-Co) and was supported by the majority of the Council Members who attended the EGM. It was also decided that the 2022 calendar year of tournaments comes to a close due to the current crisis in the country for the best interest of players, officials, and sponsors, and the curtain closed on the 2022 rugby calendar at yesterday’s (24) SLR council meeting.”

Considering current situation

When The Morning Sports contacted the SLR Tournament Committee Chairman Nazim Mohammed for his views on this decision, he said: “With the tournament coming to a halt due to various developments that took place, we informed the SLR Council that the tournament will not continue.

“Also, the tournament rule book did not have any provision that covers eventualities such as the current crisis the country is facing. The SLR and the council of Members made a decision taking everything into consideration, especially for the greater good of the sport.”

Congratulating Kandy

Hiran Ted Muttiah, President of prominent rugby club CR&FC, when contacted, said: “It is very unfortunate that this tournament could not continue and go the full distance.

“But overall, a pragmatic decision has been made. We would like to congratulate Kandy Sports Club for being declared the winners and also commend Havelocks Sports Club, the runners-up, for another fantastic season of rugby they dished out this year.”

Kandy awarded League Rugby Championship

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