Keep Your Eyes On Aman Sabri

By Mahika Panditha 


If you have been scrolling through Tik Tok, you have probably heard the amazing voice of Aman Sabri. He is currently pursuing his degree in International Business and Finance at Imperial College. He hopes to record his first song album alongside learning how to play various musical instruments. We can’t wait to hear it – he is a very talented young man! As you can tell, he likes to sing – you should definitely check out his Tik Tok and his Instagram account (@amansabri_). He covers a myriad of songs from many genres and is a big fan of artists such as The Weeknd and Bruno Mars who inspire him to write music every day! 


Hi Aman! Before we get into it, do tell our readers a little about yourself!

I’m a 21-year-old singer and songwriter from Kandy. Studied at St. Anthony’s College, Kandy and at present, an undergraduate at Imperial College. I make covers and post them on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. I have two brothers who are also musically inclined like me.


You are a rising star! How did you get into music?

Well, it was basically a progression over time. I think it all stems from my parents who used to play the keyboard back in the day and there was always music playing in the house when I was little. When I was around 14 years old, I took part in a singing competition at school as a joke and was placed third. The judges told me that I had a very unique tone and that I should work on my vocals further. I took their advice and looked up vocal exercises on YouTube, did them almost every day and eventually got better at singing. In addition to this, artists like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and One Direction inspired me to become who I am today.


Why is music important to you?

Music has always been a part and parcel of my life, for as long as I remember. Whether I’m in high or low spirits, there’s always a song that fits my mood. No matter how stressed out I am, the moment I put on my earphones, I’m disconnected from reality and in a stress-free zone where I can gather my thoughts. It’s crazy how one song can give you a whirlwind of emotions. Being an artist, making music is a way for me to tell my story or experiences to the listeners in the hope that they can relate to it while also wanting to come back for more. 


Talk to us about your journey on Tik Tok and where you hope to be in a few years on the platform?

When I started out on TikTok, I had very little hopes of becoming recognized as I was unfamiliar and uncertain about the algorithm of the app but, I had heard a great deal about people and their content going viral so I thought I’d give it a shot. Around four posts in, I got my first viral TikTok which currently has 17000+ views and 1600+ likes. It wasn’t much but I had amassed over a 100 followers overnight because of it. I then realized the potential that this app had and started posting more regularly. Fast forward to today, I now have a community of around 4600 followers (and growing), who have been nothing short of supportive and I’m eternally grateful to each and every one of them.


As of now, I have no aspirations about what I want to do on the platform in the future, as TikTok is an app that is constantly changing and it’s hard to determine what it’ll be like even months from now. Like how I started on TikTok, I plan to play it out and see where the road takes me.


How do you think Tik Tok has helped you in your career?

Compared to other platforms, I’d have to say that TikTok definitely has an edge when it comes to providing more recognition to its users. Their algorithm makes your content viewable to a wider audience which in the long run, helps you gain a lot of followers as well. Also, the app’s user interface is simple and allows you to engage with your followers quite easily. Overall, the app has allowed me to boost my career and get the recognition that I’ve always looked for.


So aside from music, what do you do in your free time? 

Free time includes me watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix and TikTok. I’m an avid sports fan too, so whenever I’m lying around with nothing to do, it’s in front of a TV with the sports channel on. I’m also a fitness freak as I spend most of my evenings in the gym doing intense workouts.


Any advice for aspiring artists who are scared to share their voices and talents online? 

My advice to them is that they shouldn’t worry about what other people have to say as long as they believe in themselves. This mindset has allowed me to put out content for thousands of people without having to worry about what they would think about it. Also, they shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes as it is a part of the learning process. Just be true, be you.