Kelaniya Uni develops Covid helmet

A helmet made out of recyclable, environmentally friendly material to protect against the Covid-19 pandemic has been invented by the University of Kelaniya.

Speaking to The Morning, Centre for Sustainability Solutions Director and Department of Zoology and Environmental Management senior lecturer Dr. Rangika Bandara said that this helmet was invented after considering the environmental pollution caused by face shields which are presently being used.

Dr. Bandara noted: “This transparent helmet, which is not heavy, is made by recycling plastic. It has KN95 filters and a built-in fan. Also, it has the Bluetooth short range wireless technology standard facility.”

As per Dr. Bandara, this helmet also includes an alarm system which detects suspected Covid-19 patients on the basis of their body temperature. Dr. Bandara also said that this helmet is more useful for Covid-19 frontliners as it has a barcode which can be used to indicate their attendance at their respective places of work.

“The cost is around Rs. 8,000, an amount we spend to buy masks over the course of 52 days. It can be used for a minimum of three years”.

This is an innovation of Dr. Bandara and a student at the Department of Zoology and Environmental Management, Akila Lansakara. The production assistants were Kavinda Lansakara, Krishan Rajapakshe, and Lahiru Goonatilake.

“We are looking for investors who can provide the financial support to make this helmet commercially and the technology for this will be provided by the University of Kelaniya.”