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KJP’s Manager Ravi De Silva responds to SLC presser 

by Marlon Dale Ferreira 

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) issued a press release on 25 July explaining its side of the story regarding the alleged refusal of SLC to fund Kusal Janith Perera’s shoulder surgery to be performed in the UK.

The press release went on to highlight that SLC had informed the cricketer that it had agreed to pay a major portion of the medical expenses despite Kusal Janith Perera going against SLC’s Medical Unit’s advice and opting to delay his 12-week rehabilitation programme earlier by playing in the Lanka Premier League (LPL) 2021. The report also highlighted that Kusal Janith Perera had last attended his rehabilitation session on 29 April 2022.

Meanwhile, soon after SLC’s press release was sent out on 25 July, an earlier-issued press release by SLC sent out on 12 November 2021, just before the last LPL tournament began, is being widely circulated on social media.

That issued press release highlighted the names of 10 SLC contracted cricketers who had not been picked at the player auction, which also included the name of Kusal Janith Perera. The release stated that SLC had forwarded these names to all five franchise teams urging them to select two players each to their respective teams despite them not being picked at the player auction. 

The Morning Sports contacted Kusal Janith Perera’s Manager Ravi De Silva, to seek his views on this issue. The Morning Sports asked him whether Kusal Janith Perera completed his full 12-week rehabilitation programme, or whether he terminated it on 29 April 2022. De Silva responded saying: “As far as I am aware, that was his last rehab session with SLC’s Medical Unit, and thereafter he was advised to undergo surgery in order to complete a full recovery from his injury.”

When he was asked regarding the exact amount that Kusal Janith Perera will have to incur from his end, for the surgery and other expenses, he said: “We are still waiting for a response from SLC as to how much they would bear. Thereafter, a full account will have to be taken, which will also include airfare, accommodation, transport, etc. Kusal has requested to meet SLC President Shammi Silva to make a personal request to him. I must state that I am confident that when SLC President Shammi Silva returns from his overseas trip, this entire matter would be sorted out with a win-win outcome.”