Kumudesh dismisses rumours over delay in opening BIA PCR lab

With the new polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing laboratory at the Bandaranaike International Airport set to open tomorrow (25), several factions have doubted if the laboratory will be able to open on schedule as recent rumours circulating on the subject claim that it is in a currently in a chaotic state.

However, when The Morning contacted the President of the Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists Ravi Kumudesh, he stated that such rumours have been spread by parties opposing the move to open such a facility.

“Many obstacles had to be overcome to set up this facility from the Health Ministry itself. We have been making such proposals for one and half years now. People within the Health Ministry objected as they wanted to send samples to private labs in order to obtain commissions. We believe that the fake news spread about the lab not being able to open originates from the groups that are disgruntled by its opening,” he said.

Accordingly, Kumudesh reassured that the laboratory will open on schedule tomorrow.

“There will be two or three trial flights tomorrow. By next week, the lab will operate at full capacity. We cannot make the lab function at full capacity as soon as it opens due to the fact that a molecular lab such as this cannot be brought up to speed immediately,” he told The Morning.