Kuwait bars passengers from entering the country without health certificate

The Government of Kuwait has barred passengers from 10 countries including Sri Lanka from entering the country without coronavirus-free health certificates.

Countries that are subject to the procedure are  Philippines, India , Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Azerbaijan, turkey, Sri Lanka, Georgia and Lebanon.

The new regulation will come into effect  from 8th March 2020 until further notice , the Kuwaiti government said in a circular released yesterday (3).

“A compete medical examination (PCR-certificate) confirming that they are free from coronavirus, before entering the territory of the state of Kuwait issued by health centres approved by the embassy of the state of Kuwait in the countries mentioned above, and in the absence of a Kuwaiti embassy in these countries it will be approved by the certified health authority of the country.”

The Kuwaiti Government further noted that in the event the above PCR certificate is not carried, the passenger will be prevented from entering the state of Kuwait and will be deported on the same carrier airline, without any financial costs incurred by the state of Kuwait, and the airline company will be fined for violating this circular.