Better known as Lakshane in the music world, this superstar is on the way to ultra-fame. Based in Australia, Lakshane is an artist and is even on Apple Music and Spotify, so you can go ahead and give his music a listen. You do not want to miss out! He even opened for Sean Kingston in mid-2019! How cool is that? Lakshane currently has his debut EP out, titled “Come Alive” featuring five original songs, which was released in November last year. Be sure to check out his Instagram @lakshane.x for updates on his music. Lakshane visited Sri Lanka in December 2019 and even collaborated with a Sinhala rap god – Costa Marley! Earlier this week, I had the chance to ask Lakshane a few questions about his work.

Have a read and see what he had to say!

 What inspired you to start singing?

Growing up, my father always liked music and singing. He did it as a hobby but always found joy in it, performing at parties, etc., so he just got me into it with his energy.

 Talk to us about your EP.

My EP “Come Alive” was my revival into music after a few months of being down and unsure which direction to go. The EP is both R&B and hip hop, and contains five tracks. I lean more towards a new-school Toronto and New York-inspired sound.

 What is your favourite track and why?

My personal favourite is “Come Alive” because it describes my will to succeed battling anxiety and all the other barriers that set me back. It was a turning point for me to become a producer too, as well as lean away from mainstream pop-R&B

 Who are your inspirations and role models, and why?

Kanye West for his creativity, underdog mentality, and amazing music, Drake for his lyricism and artistry, and Chris Brown.

 How has your journey in the industry been so far?

The industry has been a hard fight. One, because Australian gatekeepers aren’t still accepting that hip hop is taking over the world and therefore don’t support the genre as much as they should, and the other is because a lot of it depends on who you know since there are a lot of contacts to be made, whether it’s radio presenters, journalists, Spotify and Apple curators, or agents for shows.

 What is your favourite thing about being on stage?

When everyone enjoys the music and moment with you. Nothing beats seeing the crowd really bring that energy and sing your lyrics.

 What are your thoughts on the Sri Lankan music industry?

The Lankan music industry has a long way to go. It’s quite sad where it’s at compared to our neighbour India where music is so rich and diverse, and we haven’t quite evolved as they have in the last 10-15 years. Sri Lankans need to push originals more, and not covers. A cover is a quick form of showing off your ability to sing, but not artistry. People need to learn to write lyrics and melodies and be their own version – not a copy of someone from the States. There are a few artists from Sri Lanka doing well and pushing boundaries, however, we need to see more.

 Do you have any advice for aspiring artists and musicians?

Just focus on being you, finding a sound, and being original. Music is art, and art is something that moves people. Focus on your craft and it will take you far.

 If you had the chance to change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Save the environment and our Earth! Go green, consume less plastic, burn less waste, and eat less meat. People need to be informed that meat production is the biggest contributor towards greenhouse gases, and that’s something I’d like to change – awareness.

Do go ahead and check Lakshane’s music out, on Apple Music and Spotify. His EP “Come Alive” is out now!