Lakshari Ceylon

The days of looking good by any means necessary are for the most part long gone. Looking good while feeling good is the new order of the day and one that the newly minted brand Lakshari Ceylon takes very seriously. 

Lakshari Karunarathna

Formed in early 2020 by entrepreneur Lakshari Karunarathna, Lakshari Ceylon is a new proposition to beauty and wellness that gives its customers to luxuriate in the natural, organic goodness of painstakingly researched and tested haircare and skincare products. 

Lakshari Ceylon’s range of all-natural moisturisers, natural face packs, face scrubs, body scrubs, and natural lip balms are 100% natural and made in Sri Lanka, combining organic, natural bases like coconut oil and beeswax and tried and tested research to create unique, guilt-free haircare and skincare products. 

Lakshari Ceylon’s multi-purpose moisturiser

In her research, Karunarathna mostly referred to investigation and analyses done by the Research Department of the University of Colombo on coconut products and its effects and uses in personal care, particularly in terms of moisturising and hydrating hair and skin. Karunarathna also consulted numerous international medical journals in her research to develop the perfect range of personal care products. 

Lakshari Ceylon uses 95% certified organic grade coconut oil and beeswax in its products and does not test on animals in any way. 

The natural products offered by Lakshari Ceylon provide modern women with a natural guilt-free alternative to keep their skin glowing and radiant thanks to the healing and hydrating materials used in Lakshari Ceylon’s natural moisturisers and lip balms. 

In partnership with JKL Milagros Ceylon, which handles the brand’s marketing, product development, and brand image, Lakshari Ceylon is a concept more than two years in the making, with Karunarathna, who was previously a teacher, focusing on extensively researching and testing theories and products for the ethically conscious modern woman. 

Lakshari Ceylon all-natural lip balm

Lakshari Ceylon employs a team of three manufacturers from rural communities who have been hired and trained with the support of JKL Milagros Ceylon. JKL Milagros Ceylon (Holdings) is an organisation initially founded by Director Kalana Merenipitya to uplift sustainable farmers by bringing their products to the international market through the World Fair Trade Organisation, Control Union, and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)-certified brand True Organico. 

Lakshari Ceylon sells through various partner salons in Sri Lanka including Capello Salons as well as through online international retailers, which stock Lakshari Ceylon’s range for the North American and European markets. Lakshari Ceylon’s products are also available on their social media, along with helpful tips on how to use natural skincare and haircare items to their best advantage.

Merenipitiya explained that Lakshari Ceylon had received very encouraging success with its offerings in the foreign market prior to the Covid-19 pandemic which has halted all international operations for the time being. 

Lakshari Ceylon is slowly expanding its product range, hoping to launch a range of natural and organic lipstick in the near future, and with the larger goal of eventually expanding to brick and mortar locations.