Lazy Jazz and All Day Breakfast at the Hilton Colombo 

Hilton Colombo will be hosting Lazy Jazz and All Day Breakfast at Graze Kitchen from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday. 

A fresh concept, wholly different to what we are often used to such as the Sunday Brunch, the Hilton All Day Breakfast spans breakfast, lunch and tea. Executive Chef Robert Mujagic has worked wonders in curating over 300 dishes for guests to experience. 

The management shared that the concept of an all-day breakfast was born to facilitate a solution for a very practical encounter – more often than not, Saturdays tend to be our real lazy days, you go out the night before, party into the night on Friday and wake up feeling rather spent on Saturday morning, and all you want to do is eat some good food and relax. 

Hilton bringing you exactly what you need, and an entire day full of amazing options to choose from – dishes that range from an extensive Japanese corner, a Turkish corner complete with hummus and kebabs, a customisable sandwich corner, a dim sum trolley, and many many more. There is also an option to eat an entire pizza if you wish; this is in addition to a carving station featuring a fantastic roast beef and pork, complete with grilled vegetables and a number of sauces. A continental spread if there ever was one, they also house an incredible extensive Indian option, and of course the Sri Lankan corner features numerous hopper choices to choose from, including everyone’s favourite milk hoppers. 

Some specialty items include their liquid nitrogen-infused hazelnut crunch, which comes with an exciting demonstration of preparing the item, and the Malaysian “Ais kacang” station – the bean ice took a little for us to give it a try, ice cream and red beans for the untrained palate sounds a little strange, however enjoyed extensively in Southeast Asia. We finally gave it a go and it was definitely an experience, however our personal opinion would be that it is an acquired taste. 

Chef Robert also shared with us that the sausages that they serve at Graze Kitchen are all made in-house, which has allowed them to be a little more creative with their options, providing a fish sausage option which was absolutely delicious. These homemade sausages are also available for purchase, to be prepared at home yourself. 

Of course the layout features the regular breakfast items which we’ve all come to expect, cereals, waffles, pancakes, an assortment of baked goods, breads, croissants, and waffles all freshly baked inhouse. There is an egg station featuring any type of egg preparation you can conjure up, including a delightful eggs benedict. 

And last but not least we absolutely must talk about the almost comically large dessert spread – something akin to an endless confectionery belt of fun new desserts being churned out every minute, the dessert options will have you stumped on what to try first. Chocolate being a safe and easy go to, we decided to stick to the chocolate items on the menu and even still, our plates were overflowing with options. 

Priced at Rs. 3,388 nett, the experience is a steal for anyone who wishes to have one of the best Saturdays of their life, basking in the ambient jazzy set up, enjoying amazing food as live music serenades you. For repeat visitors, while the options are vast enough to keep you coming back for more, Chef Robert shared that they operate on a model where the customer knows best and they would rotate dishes and introduce take away dishes depending on customer feedback.


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