LG politicians hampering relief work: GNs seek intervention

The Sri Lanka United Grama Niladhari Union (SLUGNU) yesterday (21) alleged that the politicians at local government (LG) level were trying to gain cheap political advantages during the pandemic situation in the country as they were interfering with the provision of the Rs. 5,000 relief allowance to low-income families.

Speaking to The Morning, SLUGNU President Kamal Kithsiri stressed that although the Government rectified the previous issues faced by them while conducting their services at villages, political interference still prevailed in some areas.

Recently, the grama niladharis withdrew their participation from the Covid-19 relief committees which distribute the Rs. 5,000 allowance to low-income families, alleging that separate lists were being made with political backing to distribute relief, disregarding the lists drawn up by them.

However a few days ago, they resumed work after a meeting with Special Task Force for Essential Services Head Basil Rajapaksa and the Secretary of the Prime Minister. “The main reason we withdrew was (due to) the introduction of new lists drawn up by politicians to provide relief to people with new application forms, disregarding the list made by the grama niladharis. This list is with the divisional secretariats,” Kithsiri said, adding that the issue was not rectified.

– Maheesha Mudugamuwa