Living the future of flexible workspaces: With MillionSpaces

MillionSpaces Chairman/CEO Prasath Nanayakkara

MillionSpaces, a pioneering platform in Sri Lanka which facilitates booking workspaces for businesses, recently announced the launch of their brand new venture – the flexible and “bleisure” workspaces.

Speaking to Brunch, MillionSpaces Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Prasath Nanayakkara shared that considering how the world today is experiencing a shifting sentiment towards flexible working ever since the global pandemic, it has forced us all to take a good look at the way we have been doing things and pushed us to change the rigid way we have been going about our work.

Differentiating itself from regular co-working spaces, which were fast gaining traction even prior to the pandemic, these flexible work spaces are ideally anything you wish them to be. The concept suggests that you can work just about anywhere you like, and MillionSpaces, through their initiative, will help you find your best match.

The new platform will bring together dynamic work spaces for you to access in order to carry out your work; if you wish to work by the poolside on a sunny afternoon, they have you covered. A variety of needs are addressed under the platform where over 2,000 venues have already come on board, and notable spaces like the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) are a part of their ever-growing and extensive repertoire, offering their unique spaces for customers to readily rent out and access. Each venue offers their own benefits and specialties.

MillionSpaces, which is also listed in Singapore, will be the first to introduce such a concept to Sri Lanka, and Nanayakkara shared that considering the fact that they already offer the service in Singapore, why not introduce it to Sri Lanka. You should be given the opportunity to define your own space for work, and similarly, those who have exciting properties with much to offer are free to sign up with this initiative and connect with customers.

Also sharing her thoughts, MillionSpaces Head of Marketing Azima Rasheed shared that Sri Lankans have been working from home for quite some time now, since last March, adding that working from home comes with many challenges – children, blackouts, Wi-Fi and internet interruptions, etc., – and one must wade through all these challenges to get their work done. Once you face all of this for an extended period of time, it is unsurprising when it takes a toll on your mental and physical health, she pointed out.

She also noted that this kind of service will assist greatly with social distancing, help workers avoid public transport, while also allowing for great agility in managing overheads, which can be flexed up or down to control costs and manage changing work patterns and requirements.

MillionSpaces Head of Sales Vishmi Perera added that MillionSpaces’ flexible, “bleisure” spaces are designed to meet the varying needs of corporates, so there will be spaces to facilitate small team meetings to boardrooms to creative spaces for innovative thinking, strategising, and planning.

MillionSpaces offers their flexible spaces across main cities and key suburbs, ranging from quiet co-working spaces, private offices, and boardrooms to work-friendly cafés and luxury hotels, while also offering the convenience of simply making a booking online, walking into the space, and getting to work.