Liwe Communities: A smart solution for Sri Lanka’s condominium living 

Sri Lanka’s first ever Smart Community Management Tech Platform Liwe Communities has been launched to help property owners and facility managers work together, concurrently, to make condo living more dynamic, safe and hassle-free for all. 

This comprehensive, cloud-based solution is designed with a Resident Application and Management Application to cater to the needs of both occupants and condominium management and is offered free of charge for those signing up. 

Liwe Communities assists condominium dwellers to remotely manage every aspect of their personal space such as, virtual visitor management, child safety, utility payments, maintenance requests, reservation of recreational areas, seeking emergency support as well as shopping, delivery, garage sales, doctor appointments, at the touch of a button. Partnered with retail chains, healthcare providers, mobility services, lifestyle brands, food and beverage dealers, liwe communities offers a broad spectrum of lifestyle facilities for the users. 

Similarly, the multi-product fit platform streamlines common operational tasks of condominium management such as, billing, finance, payment collection, compound security, communication, repairs, and staff management, efficiently and impeccably. It is designed to support facility managers across various staff management functions such as, delegating work, maintaining security rosters and also with updates on attendance to ensure a smooth operation through a single platform without investing on multiple management systems and tools. 

The concept of Liwe Communities originates from the personal experience of its co-founders who have lived expat lives, owned apartments and who desire to share with Sri Lankan condo dwellers their global community living experience.