LP gas industry to be restructured

  • Ministry  mandates suppliers to use Hambantota terminal to transport, store gas

By Imsha Iqbal 


The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval to restructure the local liquefied petroleum (LP) gas industry while maintaining the price of a domestic 12.5 kg LP gas cylinder at its current level. 

This decision on the price of a cylinder was made with regard to both the LP gas suppliers in the country, Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. and Laugfs Gas PLC, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministerial Sub-Committee, which is headed by the Ministry of Trade. 

Apart from the maintenance of the price of the 12.5 kg domestic cylinder, the Sub-Committee made the suggestion that in terms of purchasing, transporting, as well as storing LP gas by both gas companies, they need to use the Hambantota gas terminal, collectively. 

Further, the Sub-Committee suggested the appointment of a committee consisting of experts in the relevant fields in order to maintain procurement affairs, transportation, as well as storage affairs, with the inclusion of representatives of both Litro Gas Lanka and Laugfs Gas for the purchase of the domestic requirement of LP gas.
Moreover, the said Sub-Committee encouraged the implementation of the above-mentioned recommendations within the next six months in order to ensure the progress of this restructuring. 

These suggestions by the Sub-Committee, which have now been approved by the Cabinet, in fact, were made following the discussions that were held with the presence of the representatives of the gas  companies, relevant government institutions, banks, and experts.