Lyceum Gardening Challenge LGC- 45

By Janitha C. Dissanayake

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Lyceumers have willingly joined hands with the Lyceum Gardening Challenge Project implemented by the Lyceum International Schools Network. We are glad to witness how our younger generation is working in their home gardens.

In order to appreciate their worthy contribution and also to motivate others, we will be publishing the progress of the project weekly.

Apart from the e-certificate the participants receive, children will also have the real pleasure of reaping the harvest of their plants.

The objective behind this LGC-45 project is to inculcate an interest in our youth towards the concept of “consumption of healthy food for a healthy life”.

Furthermore, we hope that they will realise the value of engaging in such a meaningful and useful leisure time activity and also enjoy themselves as they watch the plants grow day by day. This will definitely germinate a strong liking in our children to maintain their own home garden as well as to protect the environment around them.

Let’s practise this good habit and continue home gardening.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the parents who have encouraged their children to be a part of the Lyceum Gardening Challenge Project.


(The writer is the Media Secretary of Lyceum International Schools Network)