Magical Slides: The presentation design agency

Magical Slides is an interesting small company established in 2015 which designs custom PowerPoint presentations to corporate clients.

Owned by advertising agency Amazing Advertise (Pvt.) Ltd., Magical Slides is made of forward-thinking PowerPoint designers who create clear, elegant, and meaningful presentation designs that help clients develop stories and visualise content into an effective and impactful PowerPoint presentation which allows clients to communicate with their audiences effectively.

Every custom presentation put forward by Magical Slides is persuasive, engaging, and on-brand, helping corporate clients instil confidence and inspire action. The Morning Brunch spoke to Amazing Advertise and Magical Slides Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Charitha Priyankara to learn more about Magical Slides and how they innovate when it comes to designing creative and engaging presentations for clients. 

But why a presentation design agency?

Amazing Advertise and Magical Slides Chief Executive Officer Charitha Priyankara

Priyankara shared that in the corporate sector, particularly at higher levels within companies, there is a need for senior and even junior executives to be able to present effectively. And while many executives are skilled at presenting, many of them, particularly senior executives and management like CEOs and managing directors, simply do not have the time to make effective and impactful presentations. Some of them also do not have the skill in graphic design and in PowerPoint to be able to achieve the maximum potential from the presentations they put together.

Presentation design agencies can help by taking over the process and delivering a finished, informative, and impactful presentation to the client which can be used to achieve larger goals while allowing the client to focus on other, more pressing aspects of their jobs.  

Specialist presentation design agencies vs. advertising agencies

Magical Slides is the only specialist presentation design agency in Sri Lanka. Priyankara shared that while presentation design is a service offered by larger agencies, the benefit of working with a firm that specialises in presentations alone is the expertise that Magical Slides’ team brings to the table. Moving well beyond bullet points and using data visualisation, custom graphics, and illustration, Magical Slides ensures that every single slide in a presentation is impactful and balanced.

Magical Slides’ streamlined process and range of presentation design services allow clients to place presentations in their capable hands and focus on other aspects of their work. After an initial consultation, the Magical Slides team will consult with clients over the phone or on email to ensure the presentation meets the brief before handing over.


Why PowerPoint presentations?

One question that springs to mind is why an agency that focuses on PowerPoint presentations is needed, particularly when many today use other graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to create compelling presentations.

Priyankara explained that simply because a presentation is made on PowerPoint it does not mean that it will be basic. That’s where the team at Magical Slides comes in, creating presentations that are visually arresting, informative, and create impact. The small team of graphic designers at Magical Slides have experience in all forms and mediums of graphic design. In addition, the team is skilled at PowerPoint, being able to use their design skills and the PowerPoint software to create presentations that can present data effectively and also have the capacity for animated effects and video to be used with minimal disruption to the client.

PowerPoint presentations also allow clients to edit if needed and give clients the ability to present using software they know, and that gives them some flexibility mid-presentation. 

Magical Slides and the future

Magical Slides is currently working on servicing their existing clients and working ongoing projects in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. The lockdown saw Magical Slides being asked to do more web and online presentations with the whole world going more or less entirely virtual for a few months.

Having received many inquiries in this regard both pre and post Covid-19, an avenue being explored by Magical Slides in the new normal is conducting corporate workshops and private training for those interested in maximising their skills in PowerPoint and presentation design, and giving more people across the corporate world the means to be able to create and communicate goals and ideas better through exciting and engaging PowerPoint presentations.