Mangala happy about getting foreign investors involved to develop ECT

Former Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera today commended the decision taken by the government to develop the East Container Terminal (ECT) at the Colombo Port with the involvement of foreign investors.

“As a true patriot, I am happy about attracting foreign investors to develop the ECT,” he said.

He said the political leaders who repeatedly said getting foreign investors involved in local development projects was an act of betrayal are now in a difficult position because of the lies they have told to deceive the public.

He said it is essential to attract foreign investors to develop the country.

“There’s no need to recall the revolution that took place in the country due to the investment of the world’s largest communications technology company to transform Sri Lanka Telecom from a department into a company.

“SriLankan Airlines, which has been running at a loss since its inception, made profits only after it was partnered with foreign investors.

“I am confident that this new investment will bring prosperity to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

“A country like Sri Lanka can only be developed and even jobs can be generated for the youth by attracting more foreign investors.

“Only a handful of people think that attracting foreign investors is an act of betrayal.

“Today, even the socialist countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia understand the importance of foreign investors in developing a country and offer massive concessions to foreign investors,” he said.