Mastering Mediocrity: Fate and destiny 

The 13th episode of Mastering Mediocrity premiered on 21 April 2021 featuring hairstylist and makeup artist Dominique Croos Sedra. Here are a few of our memorable moments from this episode of Mastering Mediocrity.

  1. How crucial creative freedom is, in today’s world

As humans we have come a very long way from living in caves to present day dwellings. And all this change was possible due to discoveries by many people such as scientists, researchers, and just mediocrely curious people. They all had one thing in common, and that is the ability to think outside the box in order to solve present day problems. Creative freedom allows the human mind to go beyond the obvious and make the yet unseen or unheard methodologies come to life.

For creatives like Dominique and Zeeshan, it is crucial that they receive the needed freedom in order to work their magic. Dominique spoke on how important it is for brands to have complete faith in the creative artists they hire. She also mentioned that when artists are restricted to certain areas, it can almost always affect the end product. Zeeshan mentioned how navigating through Sri Lanka as a creative can sometimes be tough when creative workers such as himself are hired for a certain task but are expected to do something completely opposite to it.

It is believed that after a certain point, individuals who work in the creative industry tend to realise their true potential and try taking up projects that would contribute to their experience and increase their knowledge. Dominique, who works in the cosmetic industry, mentioned that it takes a lot of time to figure out what brands of cosmetics work with what skin textures. Being a creative isn’t only for the people interested in the arts, but also for the ones who love exploring, trying out new things, and most importantly, willing to take risks.

Imposing creative restrictions on people you hire can only have negative effects on your brand in the long run. Just like freedom of speech, creative freedom is also as important to ensure that the best work is done and is also worth the price you are willing to pay for it. Therefore, it is important for you as the consumer to have complete faith in the people you hire and to trust in the process. These young and talented creatives certainly do know what they’re doing.   


  1. It is okay, to not be okay

The stigma around mental health has been prevalent for generations and that itself has been a barrier to many South Asians from getting help. Having a mental illness is a taboo topic in many South Asian households and people refuse to get help often in an attempt to not ruin their social status or reputation in society. Dominique is a forthcoming advocate for mental illness on social media and spoke to us about how its more than okay to sometimes feel sad.

The “hustle” and “work hard till you make it” cultures have always been viewed as positive aspects of many people’s lives, especially of those who have very high ambitions for life. But it should be understood that those fixed mindsets do not work for everyone and the pressure only leads to burnouts for many people which can also have effects in the long run. Dominique and Zeeshan also discussed how much people’s opinions “don’t matter”. Worrying about what others will think of you will only worsen things for you and could never bring someone up.

It is very vital to learn and accept the fact that life will not always be sunflowers and blue skies. There can be gloomy days too, and on such days it’s important to love yourself a little more than yesterday, to trust the process and hope for the best.
This episode of Mastering Mediocrity was one to remember as Dominique and Zeeshan discussed how it was moving to Sri Lanka, the ups and downs of being a part of the creative industry in the modern world, and also about Dominique’s love for astrology. A mediocre life should always have its ups and downs, because without it – life will just be a straight line. 


Episode transcribed by Amani Najumudeen


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