Midwives express concern

 Lack of safety measures

The Government Midwifery Service Association said they were facing a safety issue as midwives were not being provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) while treating young children and elders amidst the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, thereby increasing their risk of contracting the virus.

The union’s President, Devika Kodithuwakku, told The Morning that some midwives who work in certain areas had not received “protective clothing and equipment” and that a majority of them were facing many issues regarding transport, as some transport services had neglected to extend services to them.

She also requested that all pregnant mothers, children, and elders with chronic diseases immediately inform the respective midwife of the area as soon as any health matters arise.

If also facing any problems pertaining to transport or lack of PPE, Kodithuwakku requested they inform her or the midwives union via 0718 248 412.

She requested all midwives to follow the Government’s advice and continue to provide their services to the public as much as possible.
By Agra Ranasinghe