Ministry of Defence urges public to remain watchful during Holy Week

The Ministry of Defense today requested the general public, worshippers and Vigilance Committees appointed by Churches to be watchful and immediately notify the respective law enforcement agencies if any activities or information associated to violence, terror or extremism comes to light.

The Ministry in a statement said that it has strengthened security during the Holy Week and on Easter Sunday, while commemorating the victims of the Easter Sunday terror bombings which took place in April 2019.

Tri-forces have been placed on standby and will liaise with the Sri Lanka Police to heighten the countrywide security measures.

Instructions have also been issued to the Chief of Defence Staff and the Commanders of Security Forces. They have been asked to be extra vigilant during this period while making security arrangements deemed necessary.

Further, the Ministry urged worshippers and Churches concerning the services, ceremonies and other related activities during the holy week and on Easter Sunday to follow the health guidelines issued by the healthcare authorities.