Ministry of Justice to develop Lankan prisons with new rules for officials

The Ministry of Justice released a statement today (30) stating that new formalities would be implemented with the scope of improving the current prison complexes islandwide. 

Further to a special request made by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Minister of Justice Ali Sabry paid special attention to list down issues that are currently happening at various prisons in the country, and attend to them as a matter of priority.

The statement made clear that the changes must start from the Prison officials, if they are to set exemplary behavior to the prisoners. Sabry stated that the prison officials must ensure they are “true to their job roles”, while keeping “honesty” at utmost importance. He went on to say that if this was done properly, the officials and prison guards would set a good example to the prisoners who are serving their terms. 

Sabry further mentions the three points which he says were “mandatory” for prison guards and officials. The three points mentioned by Sabry were “Education, Efficiency and Honesty”, but clearly mentioning that Education and Efficiency were of no value if Honesty was excluded from the equation.

Meanwhile, the statement went on to say that a new prison complex is currently being constructed in Horana, and this would accommodate mainly drug addicts. This new facility would have an in-house rehabilitation centre as well.

In concluding, Sabry mentions that the changes which are to be done in future, and the improvements which he expects from the prison guards and officials are with the intention of ensuring prisoners are properly rehabilitated, treated with respect and eventually released to the society as better human beings.