Ministry reverses decision over 45% commission on CPC dealers

  • Reversal follows petroleum dealers withdrawing from distribution
  • Action results in queues, prompting stakeholder meeting today  

BY Safrah Fazal


Following the re-emergence of fuel queues in selected fuelling stations islandwide due to the Petroleum Dealers’ Association’s decision to withdraw from fuel distribution yesterday (4), the Ministry of Power and Energy reversed its decision to impose a 45% commission on Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC)-owned fuelling sheds in the country.

Speaking to The Morning yesterday, an official from the Ministry stated that the imposition of the 45% commission has been postponed, and that the funds that were collected from the dealers on Monday (3) had been returned by the CPC.

“We have also made efforts to hold a meeting with the concerned parties at 4 p.m. tomorrow.”

Also speaking to The Morning yesterday, the Association’s Co-Secretary Kapila Naotunna stated that fuel distribution at CPC owned fuelling stations had resumed operations at 11 a.m. yesterday following the postponement of the imposition of the 45% commission and the return of the funds to the respective dealers.

Queues outside fuelling stations were observed in Colombo, Anuradhapura, Kurunegala, and several parts of the island yesterday, after CPC-affiliated petroleum dealers decided on Monday (3) to withdraw from distribution services after the CPC’s decision to impose a 45% commission on fuelling stations it owns.

However, issuing a Twitter message on Monday (3), Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera assured the public that there would be no disruption to the fuel distribution process, and therefore requested the public to not panic due to misleading news alerts and statements.