Monies of students in Russia allegedly misappropriated

BY Dinitha Rathnayake

The Sinhala Ravaya party handed over a letter to the Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC)-related to the alleged misappropriation of monies obtained from Sri Lankan students studying medicine in Russia.

According to Sinhala Ravaya President Ven. Akmeemana Dayarathana Thera, the party has been informed that a considerable number of students are becoming victims of financial misappropriation as their monies are being misused by agent companies that facilitate the study of medicine courses in Russia with the aid of universities.

These companies have, according to the party, been charging a considerably larger amount than the exact amount to be paid to the universities from the students. For instance, the exact course fee of the Tver State Medical University is annually around $ dollars 2,750; however, the agent company known as “REC Campus” has charged around $ 5,500 per student per annum. According to Dayarathana Thera, the agent company has prohibited Sri Lankan medical students from directly paying the course fee to the Tver State Medical University during the six-year full-time course period in Russia and that the students are accordingly insisted on to pay the said amount to REC Campus.

It was noted: “As per the complaints we have received from various parties, the said agent company has continuously misappropriated monies received from the students for the said medicine courses by unreasonably charging a larger sum from the students each year as tuition fees. Moreover, Sri Lankan students who join the Tver State Medical University are not allowed to join directly and the university itself directs them to join through REC Campus which allows the said agent company to misappropriate a large amount of monies from students who join the university.

“The SLMC has a great responsibility in sending students abroad for medical education. It is the responsibility of you as an esteemed institution in the country to investigate and take appropriate action if children in our country are being exploited. Playing with medical education in particular can be deadly to the entire population of the country.”

The Sinhala Ravaya also requested for an investigation into such agencies and to blacklist the same where it is found that such agencies have been misappropriating the monies of innocent parents.