Moratuwa Mayor arrested for disrupting vaccination drive

Moratuwa Mayor Saman Lal Fernando has been arrested today (28) for obstructing the duties of state officers, Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana said.

Yesterday, video evidence had been released of the Mayor of Moratuwa deliberately disrupting the proceedings at a vaccination centre by insisting that the health officials should only vaccinate those in possession of tokens for vaccination.

A health officer in charge insisted that all those who have arrived at the vaccination centre will be vaccinated as the vaccine stocks provided are higher than the amount of people who have received tokens.

However, the Mayor insisted that only those who have received tokens should be vaccinated even if vaccine stocks will be left over.

The Mayor was also seen to be verbally abusive towards the health officials, claiming that they are overriding the protocol of the vaccination process.

Meanwhile, a dispute ensued at the scene as several people in line to receive vaccinations complained that they had been standing in line since 4 am and had not received the vaccine yet due to the Mayor’s interference.

However, it was later reported that the vaccination drive had recommenced as usual.